Delicious Cookie Recipes

made from scratch cookie recipes

Delicious Cookie Recipes


I grew up in a house where both of my parents enjoyed cooking.  There was rarely a day that went by that a home cooked meal wasn’t served.  Home cooked meals in my house consisted of a main dish, potato, rice or noodles, a vegetable, and usually a bread.  The vegetables were often canned from our garden and the bread was homemade.  The sweets that we ate were also homemade; cakes, pies, hard candies and more.  Boxed mixes for cakes or breads or biscuits were not a part of my childhood.


I learned how to cook by watching my parents and by being a part of their cooking.  By the age of four I could bake brownies on my own and had memorized the recipe.  That passion for baking has stayed with me and I always look forward to the fall and winter with enthusiasm because the cool weather is perfect for staying inside and heating up the house with an oven full of something wonderful!


Some of my fondest memories of baking at home as a child with my parents and sometimes my siblings are of baking cookies.  Mother made homemade cookies weekly it seemed.  Not to mention the times she was the room mother for class parties and the fun shapes and kinds of cookies she made for those occasions.  She has a Cookie Book recipe book that I read so many times as a child that the cover is no longer connected.  I used to say I would one day make every cookie in the book.  One day, I will!  


I have a great memory of my mother making Monster Cookies.  First of all, I had never seen so many ingredients in one place at one time!  The HUGE bags of chocolate chips and M&M’s were almost more than I could stand.  Then watching as she stirred up the dozen eggs and pounds and pounds of ingredients in a plastic dish tub with a big spoon.  A quick note for the visual:  My mother is only 4’10”.  So, it really looked like an undertaking!  She dipped the cookies out with an ice cream scoop.  What an amazing experience!


Of course the best memories are of the cookies we made at the holidays.  The annual cookie plate included a variety of cookies like Swedish cookies, carrot cookies, gingerbread cookies, peppernuts, chocolate chip cookies and of course sugar cookies.  One year my parents made stained-glass window cookies out of hard sugar cookie dough with homemade colored hard candy in the middle for the stained glass effect.  It was truly awesome!  


The tradition of holiday cookie baking has been carried along to my own children and my nieces and nephews.  It is an annual event to get together with my mother to help her cut out, bake and decorate sugar cookies.  I know that this is something that our children will be able to pass along to their own children, when the time comes.